Mrs. N. 


I always have a story to tell. Conversations with my best friend usually end with her saying  "dude, you should write a book."  If I did, my autobiography would be titled "Part I: A Series of Unexpected Events" and "Part II: You're Lucky That Worked Out."  

I'm basically on the verge of burnout.  "Busy" doesn't seem to encompass just how hectic my schedule is. Number one, I'm raising a beautiful, super cute and loving, but also energetic and demanding toddler.


In addition, I am working full time, while pursuing my MBA, and being a lucky man's wife (insert wink emoji).  I really do enjoy my busy life.  I'm restless in that way.  Surprisingly, somehow in the midst of all of my obligations and other pursuits, my passion for writing stayed aflame.  Journals, diaries and notebooks know my thoughts and feelings better than close friends and family.  Writing is my peace. 

I once had a personal online blog, but I deleted it within a year because I felt that I was oversharing and putting too much of my business out in these streets. This time around, I not only want to share my experiences in a more refined manner, but I truly want to be able to offer insight into what it's like to juggle motherhood while keeping true to yourself.  I come from the thinking that having children should be a catalyst to success and not a deterrent.  I've encountered many who have tried to convince me otherwise.  We'll see who's right. 

Join me on my journey.  

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