Is Your Resume Ready?

When is the last time you updated your resume?

Speaking from my own personal experience, I haven’t updated my resume since I received my job offer at the firm I’m currently working for.  So, it’s been about 5 months since I’ve looked at my resume, and that’s a bit long especially considering all of the professional moves I’ve made in that timeframe. 

I hadn’t even thought about my resume until last week when I was casually speaking with a colleague in another division about some of my studies in college, and he asked that I send my resume to his department.  First of all I was surprised that he encouraged me to look into his department, but I also felt unprepared because my resume does not reflect any of my current work experience, newly developed computer skills, or any of the coursework I’ve completed in the past few months. 

Stay Ready So You Don’t Have To Get Ready

Here are a few reasons to update your resume periodically:

  • It’s easier to recall events that are fresh on your mind.  Don’t make the mistake of leaving out an accomplishment or completed project because you simply forgot about it or have waited too long to recall specifics.  
  • You’ll save yourself some stress in the future by updating your resume a few minutes here and there, instead of having to spend hours at a time trying to compile information from over the past few years in one sitting.
  • Life Happens. That day may come when your boss is tired of you coming into work 10 minutes late with your breakfast sandwich, and you get the boot.  Maybe a year into your position, you’ll come to realize that the company you work for is not a right fit.  What if your job has a tough year and needs to make layoffs?  Anything can happen.  Keep your resume ready so that when a tough time hits, you’re already prepared to jump into the job market.
  • On the brighter side, you never know when an opportunity may present itself.  I know, you’re ballin outrageous, and you get along with most of your coworkers, so you think you’ve hit the jackpot.  Just because you’re not looking for a job doesn’t mean a job isn’t looking for you!  If you’re networking, or doing well at your company, you may find yourself being invited to interview for positions you had only thought about pursuing years down the line. People will want to see your resume, so have it (mostly) ready just in case.  


  • Get with the times.  Time changes and technology changes.  What may have been standard resume writing and formatting when you last looked for a job may now be outdated.  Yes, your resume should attest to your skills, but it’ll be easier to catch a recruiter’s eye if it’s visually appealing.  Dress your resume up some.  It’s a new day, and a new party.

For all of those on the job search, I’m sure your resumes are getting so much love and attention.  For the rest of us who think we’ve made it, let’s not forget to show our resume some love every now and then.  Your resume is your personal marketing tool.  Keep it crisp.     

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