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If you sit near me in the office, you will hear the occasional giggle and bursts of laughter coming from my work space.  No, I'm not laughing at the excel spreadsheet that you see on my desktop! I'm probably laughing at something said on a podcast.  I think I nearly fell out of my seat last week, when Kid Fury of the The Read scoffed at the fact Trump invited Kim Kardashian to the White House to discuss prison reform. Sounds like a great idea considering her background in...? Oh, America.

Anyway though, I don’t think podcasters realize just how therapeutic and influential their shows are for us listeners. Podcasts help get me through the workday.  Listening to podcasts while I'm crunching numbers, or performing simple data entry makes these tasks less humdrum. I especially live for podcasts regarding work-life: both professional and creative pursuits.

This week I wanted to highlight a creative genius, and share with you all a podcast I think you would appreciate while at your desks.  While there are many podcasts that I could mention, this one in particular has been uniquely funny, informative and inspirational.  



Luvvie Ajayi

This podcast is fairly new, but so good.  Of course, it’d be good, It’s a project by Nigerian-American, self proclaimed "professional shade thrower," and "side-eye sorceress," Luvvi Ajayi.  I got my first dose of Luvvi, 2 years ago, when her New York Times Best Seller “I’m Judging You” was mentioned on a podcast - obvi.  I bought the book, got my life, and had to learn more about her.  I quickly became a fan.

REASONS I LUV LUVVIE (***fangirl alert***)

  • Awesomely Luvvie – Pop Culture blog for the WOKE crowd
  • Awesomely Techie – Tech blog for us bloggers and social media strategists
  • I’m Judging You - The Do-Better Manual
    • Quotes from some of my favorite chapters:
      • When Baehood Goes Bad: "If your insignificant other gives you a "promise ring," feel free to accidentally lose it down the drain.  It has about as much importance and symbolism as a heart drawn in the sand at low tide."
      • Racism is for ***holes: "Racism is not always white hoods and burning crosses.  It is behind teachers' desks and in principal's offices. Black students are three times more likely to be suspended and expelled from school than white ones.  There are three-year-olds being kicked out of school for essentially being rambunctious babies."
      • For Shame: Get Some eBehavior: "Selfies are not acceptable everywhere.  You know what places you should probably not make about your face?  A memorial for Holocaust victims, or a former slave plantation, or in front of a burning building, or a funeral.  Step away from Maw Maw's casket fool." 
  • Her unapologetic tweets
  • Her views on uniting the African diaspora (did I tell you my husband is Ugandan?)
  • That time we became best friends on twitter 


RANTs and randomness


Just when I was getting more into her writing, she decided to drop a biweekly podcast, and IT IS EVERYTHING.

Luvvie and her guests drop nothing but gems and knowledge on this show, and it's especially useful for career-oriented folk like myself.  Luvvie gives advice on navigating the professional space, offers real life networking tips for our world today, shares success stories, and promotes SELF CARE

To give you a glimpse of topics you can expect to hear, here are some takeaways from 2 of my favorite episodes thus far:

Episode 2 – Eat or Be Eaten feat Myleik Teele

You cannot withdraw from an account you haven’t deposited in
  • People need to check their expectations of other people on social media, in helping them to promote their work
  • When building brands and business, although you will need all the help possible – don’t ask random strangers to promote your work without having said anything to them before
  • Treat people on social media the same way you treat them in real life - do you walk up to a stranger on the street with a business card asking them to hire you?
  • No “hey, follow backs”
  • "You cannot withdraw from an account your haven’t deposited in”
  • “You cannot expect favors from people you don’t have relationships with”
  • SHOOT YOUR SHOT – but shoot it with strategy
  • Want somebody to promote your work? Ask them to check it out first – let them decide if they like it
  • Want someone to promote your work? Give them something to promote, that’s of benefit to them
  • How to approach people: come CORRECT, and “do it so well that they can’t say no to you”

Episode 4 – Not Even Me Can Stop Me feat Jenifer Lewis

  • Find your passion, that thing that makes your heart sing
  • Take care of your body
  • Are you eating healthy?
  • Do we know how sugar affects our brain?
  • Can’t have fried chicken and pie everyday girl – GIVE YOURSELF A BREAK
  • Read a book
  • Prepare in advance to prevent rushing and stress
  • Surround yourself with GOOD friends

As a woman who is fully immersed in career, business school, and blogging, I can use as much professional community as possible.  There are days, I’m like “NAH, this is TOO MUCH.” Then, there are other days, when I’m like “wow, Angela, you’re a phenomenal woman, and you will accomplish great things in life.” Straight Like that. *flips crochet*

Luvvie's podcast honestly helps me think more on the positive side, than the negative. Luvvie's realness about her journey to success is a beacon of light for me, a novice writer.  She is overall a professional bae that I admire, and whose work I respect and think will provide some peace and laughs just in time to stop you from bcc'ing your boss on that email to that coworker you can't stand.  Just listen to the podcast sis. Woosah. 

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