A Letter To My Spunky Three-Year-Old: Bday & PreK

Dear Sweet Bella,

I’m sorry you were born during the coldest time of the year. I am sorry that potential guests will always respond “if the weather permits” when invited to your party.  I would say there is a silver lining, but in fact there is none. 

The weekend of your birthday, there was a winter advisory. Not only was there snow, there was freezing rain. The day before your party, I opted to stay in the house all day because I looked outside and saw that the snow was flush with the door handles to my SUV. 

I also apologize in advance because your mother doesn’t support winter sports.  I will not be taking you and your friends sledding, snow-tubing, or skiing for your future birthdays because I don’t play that frostbite. Although-- I say this now, shivering while typing--I would probably be willing to retract that statement because I love you that much.

I remember it was freezing the night I waddled into the hospital.  You were literally the warmest blessing to me during the coldest time that wonderful January of 2015.  You continue to bring warmth to my life. 

I am so happy that you enjoyed your birthday party this year. I spent a lot of money on it.  You got away with a lot that day.  You stuck your finger in the cake prior to serving, you were very rude to guests while opening your gifts, and you trashed my living room with tissue paper.  As you would say, “that’s a big pwoblem!”  Patience is something you’ve taught me, and that day mommy exhibited plenty of it.  Thanks for helping me to grow.

Turning 3 is quite a big deal.  For you, it may mean having a fun birthday party and getting some new shiny toys, but for me, it means granting you a little more freedom and allowing you to explore the world a little on your own. Suddenly my eyes are watery. I think that’s one of the toughest parts of being a mom: learning to let go some.  Of all of the gifts you received last week, it was your new sparkly backpack that I knew would get the most use.  


You’ve been asking to go to school for a while now.  Today, you finally did!  I am so proud of how brave and independent you have become.  Taking you to school today was easy because you were so excited and eager to go.  You’re such a bright, curious kid.  You always jump at the opportunity to learn something new and ask (a million) questions.  I have no doubt that you will excel in your Pre-K academics.  Your dad says you’re smart like me.  He may be onto something. :) 

When daddy and I were getting ready to leave you at school today, you said, “bye mommy, bye daddy” with such cheerfulness in your voice that I felt affirmed in my decision to start you in Pre-K before the fall. We’ve been so blessed that grandpa and grandma have watched you while we’re working.  Aren’t they the best?  The bond you guys have is pretty sweet.  Although that’s great, I desire for you to be socialized with others outside of the family. We will do full days when mommy’s more comfortable.

I hope you always know and keep dear to your heart that your mother loves you.  All that I do, I do it with you in mind.  I think about you, talk about you, and write about you all of the time.  You’re the inspiration for many of my successes in life.

I love you SO much,


Mrs. Nprek, bday6 Comments