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Somebody once told me, “wow, you make parenting look so easy.”  Ha!  This week I laugh at that statement.   Don’t be fooled by the bold lip and mascara. This week has been ROUGH. This week came to prove your statement completely false. I am holding on by strings, and I weigh a lot. It’s really not looking good for ya girl right now.

The week of February 18th has been a helluva week.  I feel like everything and everybody is trolling me.

What did I do to February?!  I’m actively participating in Black History Month, and I was really nice to my husband on Valentine’s Day, what more do you want from me? Is it because I said Obama is still my president on Presidents’ Day? Come on, February, it’s too early in the year for this.

My precious, wonderful, beautiful toddler has been trolling me too.

So this week is February recess, meaning kids are out of school, eating up all of their parents’ groceries, and wreaking havoc on the public during daytime hours. Cool.  For Bella, that means spending most of the week with her grandparents! 

Do you guys ever notice how your parents are soooo lenient with their grands?  Where did this abundance of kindness come from?  I just can’t recall having my every wish granted when I was a child. 

Bella plotting how next to troll me. 

Bella plotting how next to troll me. 

I remember one time I went to pick Bella up from my parents, and she had 2 cups, a cup of milk AND a cup of juice.  I was like, but why?  Dad says Bella wanted both, so she got both. I sit there in disbelief as I watch her take sips, switching from hand to hand. First of all, what a gross mix. Second of all, when have I ever got to have both of anything, dad?  My options were always “ONE OR THE OTHER.” It was this day, I realized, this kid is going to be super spoiled.

This is all just to say, that when Bella spends any extensive amount of time with her grands, I generally have to pay for it. This week, she comes home, bossy as ever. Still sweet, but totally in boss mode.  She expects me to respond to her demands like grandma! Ha!  I ain’t the one, little girl.  I AM NOT THE ONE.

She’s literally a real-life sour patch kid, only cuter, and not edible. Today, while getting her dressed, she grabbed my arms and said “ooh, mommy squishy.” Aren’t kids so innocent and cute?  So much for those dumbbell workouts.

All week, when I try to wake her in the morning, she won’t stir until I have to physically remove her from the bed.  But Saturday and Sunday mornings. Ha! HAHA!  It’s like she knows those are my days to sleep in, and she will not let me have it.  As I lie, dreaming peacefully of vacations I can’t afford, I am awoken by the pitter-patter of little feet running to my room, and a joyful “hi mommy, cereal!” It’s like payback for me waking her up during the week.  It’s unbelievable. I know that she knows what she’s doing. She knows!

So she’s been feeling some type of way, and so have I.  On top of that, although she’s mostly potty-trained, she loves to forget to go to the bathroom. Most days she’ll go by herself, but if she’s comfy, and watching TV, that’s another story.  Optimal time for accidents is when I’m cooking or trying to figure out my taxes (too much paperwork).   

The toddler walk of shame is pitiful, but hilarious.  I’ll be chopping onions, and out of the corner of my eye, I spot this kid waddling towards me, head hung low, peeking at me to see the expression on my face, in need of my assistance. It is frustrating at times, but it is a journey, so I take it day by day.  I kiss her after cleaning up, and try to finish where I left off with whatever fake important adult thing I was doing. 

Someone once told me to spray her legs with cold water while rinsing her off after having an accident.   I was told that she’d hate the cold water so much, it’d be an incentive for her to go to the restroom without being reminded.  Um, doesn’t that sound traumatic? Am I being too soft?  I’m much bigger on positive reinforcement than negative. 

Like, how would you feel if someone blasted you with freezing water every time you made a mistake? I don’t know man, parenting is tough, but there’s some things I just can’t get with. That’s my baby, and she’s learning, so I’m going to tough it out and respond with love and not anger. We’ve got this, kid!

Even though we are having a trying week, I know that this is just a part of motherhood!  I am enjoying my little girl, and taking this parenting thing day by day.  Moms, we really are some true warriors. 

To all of the mommies out there, I send my love and the best wishes to you and your children. And rejoice, for school starts back up next week! :)


No worries, we're still besties. 

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