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I don’t drink often, but when I do, I like to “sip pretty,” which is the motto of Glam Glasses By Traci

Traci, a true mompreneur, is the founder and owner of Glam Glasses By Traci, and also the mother to 2 beautiful children.  I was blessed to one day come across a shared photo of her glam glasses on Facebook, and immediately knew that I had to have one (or 2) in my cabinets. 

After purchasing my 3 glasses, I’ve been watching and admiring Traci from afar.  She really puts the work in!  She regularly shares photos of her work on social media, sends out announcements on what events and pop up shops she will be vending, has her own logo, and has something EVERY business owner should have: business cards. Okurrr. Traci is making money moves.

So today, I want to highlight her story because:

  1. I absolutely love her glasses and feel like ya’ll are missing out on sipping pretty!  
  2. I am all about supporting black business. 
  3. I find her story to be an inspiration to moms who may want to start a project or a business, but have not yet found the courage.

How many of you, moms or not, love a glass of wine?  I personally love a chilled glass of semi-sweet Riesling at the end of a long week.  However, we're not here to debate which wines (WHITES) are best, we're here to talk about these glasses, LOL.

“Glam Glasses by Traci was inspired by my love for wine,” says Traci. “After a long day of mommy duties, I always make sure I take some time to myself and read a good book, or catch up on my shows, with a glass of wine.”

One day, Traci was "messing around with crafts," and decided to decorate her wine glass with some glitter and show it off on her social media page.  To her surprise, she received a lot of positive feedback, and was inspired to turn her creative discovery into a business. 


Before starting her business, Traci was working outside of the home, but was unhappy that she “was not able to be more involved in [her children’s] precious moments.”  This is definitely a sentiment expressed by many working mothers.  I think we all would love to spend more time with our children – most days – but it can seem too risky to even think about leaving our jobs.

I asked Traci how she felt while making that transition and becoming an entrepreneur:

“I was nervous.  I was worried about my business not doing well, thinking to myself, 'you have a mortgage, car note, children- is this a smart move?’ I questioned myself daily until my significant other gave me the courage I needed.  He works a well paying job, is a great provider and he is our family’s support system.  He advised me no matter what, he will have my back, so I took that leap of faith and here I am.  I couldn’t be happier with the decision I made.”

These days, Traci is glamming up glasses and has a growing customer base.  In addition to making a product for women who she says “deserve a nice glass to go with their wine to take the edge off after a long busy day,” she feels more fulfilled that she can live a more “balanced” life where she can set her own schedule, and spend all the time that she wants with her babies, and “not miss a beat.”

I was personally inspired by her words.  As mothers, we sacrifice so much for the well-being of our children: our time, our energy, and our resources, and sometimes have little left to focus on business endeavors.  I find it beautiful that Traci was blessed to be able to take a leap of faith, and still pursue and crush goals, but on her own terms.  I mean, you see the photos. The glasses speak for themselves, and as a customer, and a lover of beautiful (purple) things, I encourage you to get you one too. Had I known about Traci when I got married, I definitely would’ve gifted these to my bridesmaids!

For those of us looking to embark on creative pursuits or business ventures, Traci has a few words of advice:

“Follow your dreams! Speak to other business owners, study the process, and read as much as you can.  Don’t give up. Don’t let anyone ever tell you that you can’t.  If you can dream it, you can achieve it. Anything is possible.”

Those words truly spoke to me, because there are days when I do question my craft, but Traci’s a living example that you can and will achieve your goals if you believe in yourself and stay consistent.

Just remember that while you’re achieving those goals, to “relax and sip pretty” every once in a while.

This is the face of a satisfied (maybe tipsy) customer:




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