Week 28: 15 Pregnancy Peeves

I’m really considering prenatal yoga. Everything’s been getting to me lately. I’m not sure if it’s the universe conspiring to wear on my nerves, or if it’s just the hormones. What’s great is, I know I’m not alone! So today I’m going to vent/share some of what I’m experiencing so far. Feel free to share what’s aggravating you too. Pregnant or not! Lol.

1)      Whew chile, I cannot wait to get back into my pre-pregz clothes!

This belly can’t seem to fit into anything that I currently own.  Shirts ride up and expose my bulging belly.  Dresses ride up and expose my thunderous thighs. Pants can’t fit over this gut/baby bump.  After feeling like a bad bish all summer, things got real and I am learning to be humble again.  Maternity leggings are life.  If this weight doesn’t come off after giving birth, I just may wear them forever.

2)      All of these maternity clothes are expensive, many of them ugly.

I usually shop on a budget, and maternity clothes don’t respect budget spending.  If I want to find cute maternity clothes that are even remotely in fashion, I have to shop Motherhood Maternity – and the Jessica Simpson line is $$$$$$$$$$.  Target’s not bad, but a lot of the cheaper brands have weird fits. It’s like the designers seem to overestimate belly size, so you just end up looking frumpy and larger than you really are when you put on their clothes.  I hate spending so much on clothes that I’ll only wear temporarily.  I may have a third baby just to get the full ROI. Ha!  

3)      Wonder if these boobs are gonna stick around.

I don’t like to get TOO personal, but I’m not complaining about growth in this area.  Neither is hubby.  Last pregnancy after I was finished breastfeeding, and my milk supply depleted, my chest seemed to have deflated. I was finally forced to invest in a good pushup for the girls.  I’m trying to be a good person this pregnancy, paying it forward and whatnot, in hopes that these ones will stick around. 


4)      I know why you’re staring, and yes I’m pregnant.

Now that I write this, I wonder how I often do I actually see pregnant women?  A quick google search says 4.4% of women (U.S) are pregnant at any given time, so I guess it is a rarity.  So yes the stares, mainly the “is she pregnant or just chubby” stares are annoying, but I guess it’s understandable.  I actually stared at another pregnant woman today. Oops.

5)      People treating me like a child.

Husband overfeeds me.  Mother calls several times a day, freaks out if I don’t answer, and is secretly mad that I don’t have a residential phone.  Welcome to the 2000’s, geez.  People hold the door open for me, even when I’m a mile away - awkward. Women offer me baby advice because they assume this is my first pregnancy. Some days it’s appreciated, other days, it’s annoying.  I’m not disabled, just pregnant and out of breath, hoping you would shut up.

6)      Why can’t I look like THAT pregnant lady?


Lately I’ve been seeing women who are 8/9 months pregnant, and slim, with a barely there bump. How? I’ve started wearing makeup more often just to offset my dwindling self-confidence.  If you’ve gone from thick, trim and fine, to plump, fatty, and fluffy, you can’t help but wish for the quick return of your pre-pregnancy body.  I guess we all just carry our children differently. Hmph!

7)      Whew chile, I’m gon break the scale!

I’m at a point where I don’t even get on my home scale in anymore.  It’s too painful to look at.  I just wait for my bi-monthly visits for the doctors to tell me “no worries, you’re within the normal weight gain range.”  I weigh much less than I did, when I was carrying Bella, but I haven’t been in my 170’s in years.  This just kind of sucks.  Let me cry.

8)      Everything hurts.

My back, my legs, my tummy, my pelvis.  Sleeping is uncomfortable. I can’t take anything except Tylenol, and Tylenol is a joke. I’m just a ball of discomfort.  I actually need help getting up at this point, and am not just being dramatic like I was 6 weeks ago. This baby is taking full use of my body, with no regard or shame for its mother’s pain!

9)      I’m tired.

Can I work from home?  I promise I can accomplish more from my bed today, than in the office.  I’m so tired.  Second trimester was a breeze, and now I’m hit once again with this crazy fatigue.  I could literally sleep all day, but then my back would hurt even more.  I wake up early every weekday, go to school two evenings out of the week, and then I have to wake up early on Saturdays to get Bella ready for swim practice.  People complain that I don’t make it to church on Sunday.  Come live my life, and then tell me about myself.

10)   This baby better look like me

It’s fine, you can say it.  Bella doesn’t look much like me.  She’s the girl version of her father.  Only people who knew me in my younger years can see the similarities in our features.  So this one right here needs to show up and show out for me.  Dads really have it easy in life.  Literally, women gestate and push out beautiful kids that are mini replicas of their fathers. Meanwhile dads don’t gain an ounce of weight, or deal with the maternal wall. Even with matching hair, I still see my husband’s smile before I see any hint of me in my daughter. Thanks Eve!


11)   I wish people would stop offering me drinks

We all know that pregnant women ought not to drink alcohol.  I know, people say a glass of wine won’t hurt every once in a while.  Cool, but still don’t offer me any drinks.  It’d be the one time I have a glass of wine while out with you and friends, that someone pops out the facebook live, and I’m out here looking like the worst mother in the world.  I’m good.  Sobriety is refreshing. Not really, but still.

12)   Healthcare is a joke.

If I didn’t have an HSA card, I don’t know how I would continue to pay off my credit card debt. All these blood tests, doctor’s visits, and prenatal ultrasounds are expensive. Maybe I should’ve chosen a better health plan knowing that I was going to be having another child.  Kids spend all your money before they even make their official entrance. Love it.

13)   I can’t stop eating.

“I try to say goodbye and I choke.  I try to walk away and I stumble.  Though I try to hide it, it’s clear, my world crumbles when you are not near.”  Shout out to Macy Gray for expressing my sentiments regarding food. I will say though, I’ve been much more creative in the kitchen as of a late. Yesterday I made steak fettuccine Alfredo.  The day before I made peanut butter Sundays (peanut butter mixed with hot syrup is all you need).  Just now, I had the world’s best peanut butter and banana on toast.  Just last week I was telling my bestie how she should reinvent leftover rice by cooking it with shredded cheese. Me, the person who scoffs at rice and potatoes.  These days, foods and all carbs are life.

14)   I knoww that’s not a stretch mark!

My first pregnancy didn’t leave me with any marks.  I thought to myself, cool, I’m not going to get stretch marks when I have babies.  Second baby is laughing at me, like “ha, so you thought!”  Every pregnancy is different.   Hoping these one or 2 marks, don’t turn into 10 or 12. We’ll see what the outcome is.  I know people say the tiger stripes are beautiful, and yes indeed they are… on tigers (kidding!). I personally just prefer to have a solid colored-tummy.  Just when I was getting comfortable wearing a bikini…

15)   I really cannot wait for my baby to get here!

Nine months is a long time, Three quarters of a year. 3 weather seasons (btw so excited to plan birthday parties for the SPRING). I’m just ready to hold my little one.  I think Bella may be the most excited out of everyone.  Every few days she asks when I’m going to “pee it out.”  Sidenote: kids are a lot smarter than we give them credit for.  I just want to hold and cuddle my baby, and look upon my child’s face.  Deep down I know all of these other peeves are well worth the blessing to come!  The joy of having my little bundle greatly outweighs all weight-gain and short-term (possibly long term) annoyances. 



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