Fun On The Road

Okay, so planes reign supreme as the most efficient, safest mode of travel, but I really love a good road trip.  I find them to be a lot of fun and honestly one of my preferred methods of travel.

Weekend road trip to Erie, PA

Weekend road trip to Erie, PA

1)  Travelling by car is great for bonding.  I guess this really comes down to who’s in the car, and if everyone gets along.  I especially enjoy talking for hours about any and everything, privately without interruption.  I usually don’t care for drives that are longer than 8 hours, 9 is really pushing it, but it’s not so bad when you have someone to laugh and talk with.  

I’ve also found that car rides can be great for talking about small issues and resolving certain feelings that I haven’t had time to address.  I don’t recommend this for everyone. Some of us can’t handle our tempers and bringing up certain problems may put a damper on the mood. You don’t want to end up fighting in the car and ruin your trip.  But for those of who may have an issue that needs addressing, and it’s not too deep, the car ride may be a great time to reflect, express yourself, and enjoy your trip with a clear mind.

2) You get to listen to music non-stop (and loudly).  I don’t get a chance to enjoy music as often as I’d like to.  When I do get to listen, I have to use ear phones as not to disturb everyone else.  Even at home, I play music sparingly aloud, because someone’s watching television, or it’s too late at night (my prime hours), and everyone’s sleeping.  I get most of my music enjoyment in the car, rapping on my way to work, singing on my way to pick up Bella after work, or dancing on the way to the restaurant because I’m excited to eat.  On a road trip, you get to listen to all of your playlists!  The only problem with music in the car is you have to (should) be fair and also listen to your friends/partner’s music too. That can be annoying if you don’t have the same tastes, but hey, you might hear something you like, and add it to your playlist.

Bella on a road trip to Pocono Mountains

Bella on a road trip to Pocono Mountains

3) You can be spontaneous. You can go wherever you like (T.I. voice).  We have cars, so if we have a few days to spare, why not just drive somewhere for the weekend?  When driving to a destination, you can stop along the way, check out landmarks, take in the scenery, stop at local restaurants, and grab up as many snack as you want at the rest stops.  I don’t really have to plan too far in advance to take a road trip.  You may have a certain time you want to set out on your journey, but you don’t have to be stressed trying to run to the airport, check in, and all that extra stuff that makes you rush (the perspective of a chronic procrastinator).  When it’s time to return home, you can leave whenever you want!  You don’t have to wait around for a flight that doesn’t leave til 5:50 p.m. You can be out as soon as the spirit moves you. 

Road trips are also perfect for families.  They’re fun and cost effective.  Sometimes I’d rather pile up in the SUV and drive instead of paying airfare for 3+ people.  Knowing I’ll have a good time makes the cost savings more than worth it. 

I’m looking forward to doing some driving with my family this year.   

Why do you like road trips?  Where have you guys travelled? 

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