How Dare She: That Time I Went To NYC Alone


You're travelling alone?  What about your family? What about your husband? You’re married now! What will he eat? Where’s the baby? You’re acting single. He’s letting you go? That’s modern-day wives for you. 


You would’ve thought I was flying out to an unknown country, with no return date.  I was literally travelling to NYC, only 5ish hours away, for not even a full 48 hours.

Can I live though?

Sometimes, I think we as parents, especially mothers, forget or feel guilty for acknowledging that although we are a part of a family, we are still individuals.  

It can often feel like people expect you to abandon all interests that you and your spouse don’t share, rid your life of all single friends and embrace a new life of only participating in couple’s and children's activities, and only befriending other married women with children.

Yeah, no. 

There are just some places you cannot take children.  A Music Festival might be one of them. There are some artists I enjoy, that my husband finds obnoxious.  Future is one of them.
I decided to brave this trip alone.  Here’s why it was so perfect:
Guilty Pleasures
Whenever I go out of town, I feel free to abandon the rules and live a little. By “live it a little,” I mean “eat doritos.” Yeah, that’s right.  I had chips for the first time in a long time.  I bought the Spicy Sweet Chili doritos, better known as the purple bag.  Those chips get me every time.  When my good friend from college, Jen, picked me up from the bus station, we stopped by the bodega, and I grabbed a purple bag, and one of those Otis Spunkmeyer blueberry muffins. Or was it banana nut?  Whatever it was, it was delicious.  I can’t recall the last time I’ve walked to a corner store for junk food in the middle of the night. Nostalgia. 
Girl’s Time
As I’ve mentioned before, many of my close friends have moved away, so I hardly ever get to see them. I just needed some good girl time.  My friends bring out a different side of me: the spontaneous, fun-loving, fun-seeking Angela who only comes out on occasion because my life is so structured, and I can’t hang like I used to. They know the college Angela, the quirky girl with the smart mouth who likes to party and get her life to trap music. These are the people who know that I enjoy Gucci Mane and don’t judge me.  I needed that love and familiarity around me.   I had fun catching up, doing makeup, taking photos, and exploring the city with my girls.  We always have fun, no matter what we’re doing.  


Meadows Music & Arts Festival
Jen and I took a Lyft to Queens to go the Meadows Fest. Citi Field Stadium was packed by the end of the night, and we were literally holding hands so that we wouldn’t lose each other.  I’m generally not a fan of large crowds, but I was in such a good headspace, hanging with friends, watching some of my favorite artists, eating carnival food, and sipping cocktails, that it really didn’t bother me much.
The lineup was lit. I saw Erykah Badu perform live for the second time, and she didn’t disappoint.  I know ya’ll are mad at her right now, but can we still acknowledge that sis is forever talented?  Her set was a little short for my liking, but she did sing 2 of my faves “Out My Mind, Just in Time,” and “Danger.” She was going to sing to us for a little while longer, but they shut her mic off. Haters stay lurkin. 

My friend Jaina, who I’ve known since elementary school, showed up just in time for us to turn up to Future.  Pretty sure this was our 3rd time seeing Future together. He brings so much energy when performing. The crowd was hype; everyone was rapping and dancing.  I also saw a few other artists that I hadn’t anticipated seeing.  Nicki Minaj made a special appearance, and we stayed until it was dark to watch M.I.A. perform.  She was so high.  

This was my first music fest, and I wouldn’t mind attending another one of similar size with the same music genres. That was the most fun I’d had in a while, and was worth the cost, crowd, and porta potties.  
Amy Ruth’s
Sunday morning, we ventured to Harlem and dined at the #2 Chicken and Waffles Spot in the country.  Everything was great about Amy Ruth’s.  The biscuits were warm, moist and buttery.  The Chicken was fried hard, and the waffles were golden. The carafe of peach mimosa was more than enough for the whole table, and the paintings on the wall looked like a black history month exhibit.  I’d definitely recommend visiting this spot for some good southern comfort food while visiting NYC.

amy ruth oprah.jpg

Carlo’s Bakery
Now, after having such a grand time, what kind of mother and wife would I be to come home empty-handed? I was happy to learn that Carlo’s Bakery is right next door to the bus terminal.  I don’t generally watch cooking shows, but apparently this bakery is famous because the owner, Buddy Valastro is the star of the reality TV show “Cake Boss.”  Cool fact.  I didn’t find the biscotti that I was searching for to take to my husband, but I did pick up some really good carrot cake, a chocolate chip cookie, and a lobster tail dessert, all wrapped in a cute pastry box with a ribbon bow.  I will admit, the gift did not make it home in its entirety to my baes, but it’s the thought that counts.  
My weekend excursion was all I needed for a quick refresh. I came back home in good spirits, excited to see my family, and ready to take on the week.  And guess what? Against all odds, I found my husband and daughter in one piece!  

What’s your favorite weekend getaway destination?  


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